Cross-Compression Technology

CHZero Emissions Ltd. provides innovative Zero-Flare pipeline and vessel cross-compression services to the Oil & Gas utility, production, midstream, and transportation sectors. Our professional crews arrive on site, execute the job, and follow up with a report of the emissions mitigated compared to conventional blowdown practices.

Cross-compression is becoming more widespread, resulting from development of new, efficient and cost-effective ways to capture 100% of gas that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

The IEA reports flaring of 143 billion cubic metres of natural gas in 2021, equivalent to the amount of gas imports into Germany, France and the Netherlands combined. The market value of the flared gas is as much as $55 billion per year. North America loses 327 Petajoules of gas to venting and flaring annually, enough for the energy needs of 3.6 million Canadian households. Unquestionably, reducing waste of natural gas is important for the global economy and the environment alike!

What’s New!

The first addition to our fleet, the MultiVAC-35 is a hydraulic multiphase compressor for cross-compression of pipelines and vessels with pressures up to 2 400 kPa (350 psi).

The MultiVAC eliminates flaring and venting, mitigates carbon emissions and conserves natural gas, along with associated heavy ends and liquids. Maximum discharge pressure capability is 10 340 kPa (1,500 psi), making the MultiVAC ideally suited for tight pressure control for launching sophisticated and sensitive Inline Inspection Tools.

The MultiVAC’s unique multiphase capabilities enables liquids processing directly through the compressor, eliminating the need for inlet separation. The MultiVAC can process any typical oilfield fluid stream, making the MultiVAC indispensable for capturing and conserving streams from oil well blowdowns, pipeline maintenance, pigging operations, facility turnarounds and decommissioning.

What’s Next?

CHZero is proud to announce Canada’s first GoVAC Flex compressor widely available for multi-client cross-compression services. The GoVAC Flex, developed and manufactured by Onboard Dynamics in Bend, Oregon, (home of the Last Blockbuster!) focuses on cross-compression for the Gas Utility sector and CNG refueling. The GoVAC Flex is being used by natural gas utilities across the USA for their evacuation and recompression projects and that interest is contagious to utilities and pipeline operators in Canada.